Proactive Prevention

Stay ahead with deep data analysis that gives you more information, and therefore more control over your security situation. Prevention is key to a strong security plan, and Ident Solutions gives you the data and tools you need to deal with potential problems before they even arise. With superior analytics, you can take more control over your security questions before they become security problems.

The Missing Link in Securing Critical Infrastructure

Protect | Prevent | Empower

FedCheck is a partner to success. The Department of Homeland Security, along with the Criminal Justice Information Services division of the FBI have implemented stronger strategic imperatives which have now been extended to local law enforcement agencies in an effort to unify the entire security system through better communication. With the help of FedCheck, there can be a level of collaboration between all branches of law enforcement and critical infrastructure that has not been achieved before. It follows that strong communication leads to a safer environment, and FedCheck takes that communication to higher levels.

Cloud Based

Multifaceted Security System

Clear, Valid Data

Comprehensive Care

Quick Response

Deep Data Analysis

Reducing workload for Law Enforcement

Protect | Prevent | Empower

Better national security derives from communication and sharing of information across all lines of law enforcement. This type of communication is imperative for better, more thorough security. The need to have all facets of law enforcement working together, sharing information in a timely, accurate and easily digestible manner is more important now than it has been in some time. This is where FedCheck shines.

Done without effort

Only review sirens

Control response

Multifaceted Security System

Deep data analysis

Clear, Valid Data

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Our Industry Solutions

As defined by the Department of Homeland Security, critical infrastructures can be vulnerable to infiltration and attack. We focus on solving security issues for chemical, financial, information technology sectors and more. Click to see the 16 critical infrastructures that we work to keep safe.

Education & Government

Healthcare & Public Health

Defense Industrial Base

Transportation Systems

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