2021 Security Trends

2021 Secuirty Trends

A lot changed in 2020. Many of our daily routines were upended overnight, workplaces were forced to rethink how they did business, and our collective sense of security found new meaning. As 2021 begins, security no longer only adheres to physical or in-person. Organizations must now think about COVID-19 exposures, remote cybersecurity, and insider theft when it comes to planning their future security strategy. So, what can security teams and professionals expect to see in 2021?

COVID-19 tracking innovation.

First things first, COVID-19. We know you are tired of hearing and reading about it. But unfortunately, this particular subject is not going away anytime soon, and your organization and people should be as prepared as possible.

Start by asking yourself how you can get back to normal without compromising health and safety? Many leading security and visitor management solutions, like FedCheck, have started to integrate COVID-19 waivers and questionaries into their API. When any individual enters a facility, they will either need to sign a waiver or questionnaire regarding any symptoms associated with the virus. These can be used to alert any visitors or employees in your facility the day of an exposure.

Another element to tracking that we will begin to see is in event management. Organizers like Ticketmaster and other event-based apps are starting to enforce a negative test or vaccination policy to attend or enter events.

One of the latest examples of this new innovation to tracking COVID-19 is Digital Health Pass by IBM. IBM’s Digital Health Pass is “designed to provide organizations with a smart way to bring people back to a physical location, such as a workplace, school, stadium or airline flight.” Much like using visitor screening solutions like FedCheck, Digital Health Pass will allow organizations to design their own criteria for health screening like temperature checks, vaccination records, or COVID-19 test results.

The power of accessing information will be crucial this year for the health and safety or your organization.

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