4 Ways to Prevent Unwanted Visitors

Every organization has many different security threats to predict and manage, but unauthorized entry is among the most common and the most difficult to control. And now more than ever, our collective vigilance is at an all-time high. Organizations are in need of innovative and state of the art ways to help protect their facilities and people inside. We created a list of four great ways to prevent unwanted visitors from entering your facilities:


This one may seem like a no-brainer, but many facilities still see locked doors as the best measures to protect from unwanted visitors. Limit access to your property with physical blockades like fences, anti-ram barriers, or electronic gates. Another step to keep in mind is eliminating hiding places, including landscaping features that could easily conceal people.

Install security and detection systems to include motion sensory, acoustics, and infrared.


Today’s security environment is a whole new world full of complexities with digital threats looming around every corner of the internet. Ensure your organization’s and peoples’ data is safe and secure by installing privacy monitors on all company computers. Set up security screenings for access to computer equipment, telephone systems and any other pieces of technology your people use. Read Closing the Gap Between Cyber and Physical Security to ask yourself if there are any gaps in security in your company.


Traditional visitor management systems only tell you what is on the outside of a visitor and do not enclose who that individual truly is. Fortunately, governmental changes have enabled the development of new security technology to help ensure thorough and accurate in-house visitor screenings. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in conjunction with the Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), has implemented stronger, strategic requirements and extended them to local law enforcement agencies. Utilizing cloud-based security technology like FedCheck instantly delivers that information to your organization even before a visitor enters the building. With a strong, mobile security program at each entrance point around your facility, the odds are far less likely that an unwanted visitor will be granted inside.


A safe and secure facility starts from within. Adopt thorough and quick background check software for employees and contractors so you know exactly who is protecting your organization’s assets. Establish clear policies for credential management and determine a policy for restricted zones for certain personnel. And finally, installing internal video surveillance in high-traffic areas is a great way to catch any tailgaters trying to enter the facility next to an employee with credential.

Whether you’re designing a new system or beefing up security for an existing facility, preventing unwanted visitors doesn’t have to be complicated. Considering all opportunities for unauthorized entry and making every effort to address them will keep your organization secure and the people within safe.