Ident Solutions

Ident Solutions was founded with one big idea, to make your world a more transparent place by disrupting the status quo. As technology pioneers we provide clear, honest, and instant background checks that help businesses make quicker, safer, and more informed decisions. We do this through a combination of agile engineering, dataology, and innovative technology that has never existed before.

Our values.

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All decision making and planning are done with longevity in mind. By valuing long-term stability, we ensure our employees and customers can rely on us when we’re needed the most.
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We take pride in our products. We stand behind our brand. Together we create personal responsibility and pride to deliver the best experience to our customers.
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We believe that when our employees are happy, they deliver a best-in-class experience to our clients. Through initiatives such as 100% healthcare coverage for each employee, valuing a work-life balance, and creating a positive work environment, we create a culture of satisfaction for everyone within our ecosystem.
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We innovate by building products that are reliable, effective, and far superior than anything else available. We push the boundaries of the status quo by asking, why can’t the status quo be better, more agile, and more efficient for everyone?
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Our clients must be able to rely on our technology. We have to provide a seamless experience that solves problems while creating safer experiences for everyone.