About Us

National security, community security, safety in schools, businesses and infrastructure are so vital our continued progress and growth. Ident.Solutions understands this and knows that advances in technology are advances for both sides of the law. Ident.Solutions seeks to advance quicker and further, staying ahead of the competition and the adversaries of our safety. FedCheck is designed to work in the current climate to bring security up to it’s highest, most effective level. Simple, clear and quick, Ident.Solutions has the solutions to your security problems.

Our Mission

To use our knowledge and expertise to protect our nation’s Critical Infrastructure Facilities, and to bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and the Facilities that rely on them. To help Law Enforcement Agencies empower CIFs with the tools and information to keep them safe. To be a force-multiplier for Law Enforcement Agencies in their ever-increasing responsibility to keep our communities safe.


A revelation in product offering. FedCheck is a partner to success. With the help of FedCheck, there can be a level of communication between all branches of law enforcement and critical infrastructure that has not been achieved before.

Our Leadership

Strong leadership requires experience, innovation, and insight. With over 30 years of experience, innovating and redefining how security is done, we’ve assembled the leadership team you can feel safe trusting your security to.

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