Building a more transparent world.

Complex security made simple.

FedCheck is the first ever Know Your Visitor technology. It performs an instant background check with nothing more than a quick scan of an ID. From contractors to visitors, FedCheck puts the power of information in the palm of your hand.
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Changing the status quo.

Our algorithms translate the complicated raw data returns into clean, concise, and easy-to-read sirens. With the ability to toggle on/off any sirens you can easily and instantly see if someone has a violent past, is a wanted person, or is on a terrorist watchlist.
QIRI technology

Meet your new security ally.



No one in the industry does it as quick as us. FedCheck delivers your results in under a second, giving you actionable intelligence while keeping your organizational processes smooth, efficient, and fully functional.


We give you only the stuff you really care about – and we do it in a clean, concise, easy-to-understand way that is 100% customizable. From sex offenders to violent offenders, FedCheck protects your organization, reputation, and future by putting the power of information at the forefront of your business.
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FedCheck’s analytics help you understand your exposure to risk by showing you how many violent offenders come through your front doors. The FedCheck dashboard tracks, gauges, and allows you to view all historic visits in as much (or little) detail as you want. Our dataology experts have created algorithms that give the cleanest and most transparent returns in the industry.


Have a VMS? No problem. Our API can easily integrate seamlessly into any VMS. Want to make it a standalone process? Easy. There’s no third party hardware required. FedCheck runs on any mobile device, ready-to-go from day of download. Simply download, select sirens, and scan.
Continuous Monitoring


Our data scientists have done the hard work for you. With FedCheck you decide what is important to your organization and FedCheck gives you only what you care about, all with a tap of a toggle. From timeframe, to criminal records, to details – the results are up to you.

As thorough as a background check

FedCheck provides a comprehensive, instant background check on any individual entering your business. It goes beyond just a name. This proprietary technology was built to help you make more informed decisions that protect your reputation, IP, and people by giving you a level of situational awareness that has never been available before.

Innovation drives us

We are the innovators, thought leaders, and trailblazers of security technology. With over 35 years of experience behind us, we pave new roads in security technology by breaking the status quo of how things have always been to how things should be. We make data transparent. We make processes smooth. And we make your life easier by putting actionable insights in the palm of your hand.

SAFETY Act designated by the DHS as anti-terror technology.

FedCheck has been recognized by the DHS as an innovative, effective anti-terrorism tool—and a powerful resource for those who protect our critical infrastructures and communities.

Security for the modern workplace.

This is the beginning of the future of security
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