Getting Back to Work with FedCheck and TrustVisitor.

Ident Solutions and CertiPath kick off the first webinar in a Back To Work 2021 series.

This month, Get Back To Work with Ident Solutions and CertiPath will showcase an advanced, pre-registration, multi-factor authentication solution for any organization with a need to manage and secure physical access of clients and non-employees.

By combining FedCheck and TrustVisitor, they are enabling a more secure way to check the safety and wellness of all visitors or employees coming back to the workplace.

During this webinar, we’ll cover topics such as: 

  • How many organizations can utilize a VMS to its full potential as they start returning to work.
  • The importance of screening for not only physical safety, but  also wellness safety.
  • How FedCheck and TrustVisitor work together to create a seamless visitor management solution.


Jeff Nigriny

CEO and Founder at Certipath Inc.

Justin Garrison

Product Manager, Certipath Inc.

McKay Johnson

VP, Sales at Ident Solutions

Daniel Myslewski

VP, Sales and Marketing at Certipath Inc.