How to create a high-tech company with FedCheck

Many organizations today are looking for ways to streamline their systems without compromising efficiency. You use Zoom to video chat with remote employees around the world, Slack to instantly send messages, and DocuSign to get things processed quicker. Then why is your security team running on old, outdated technology? FedCheck is the front line of high-tech security.

For years cluttered, outdated front desk systems have been focused on detection, causing extra work for your team, risks that go unnoticed, and unauthorized visitors from entering the facility. All of which can lead to unpredictable and risky situations.

Forward thinking companies today are using the latest security technology as not only their first line of defense, but as the first thing visitors experience when entering their facilities.

What is wrong with traditional visitor management?

There’s a major gap between organizational security processes and visitor management systems. Those using traditional, manual visitor management solutions are doing not only themselves, but their visitors a disservice. Using paper logbooks, sign in sheets, badge printers, etc. might seem like simple enough solutions for tracking guests, but they are outdated and inefficient, poses security concerns, and don’t show the brand of your company.

Your team’s time is valuable, and it is being wasted with manual entries, deciphering visitors’ identity, and typing info into a database. Additionally, your guests’ names and companies are in plain view, which poses a security risk. What’s more, if there’s an emergency situation in your office, there’s no straightforward way to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for.

If you want to be perceived as a forward-thinking organization, asking visitors to jot their name onto a piece of paper or wear a paper badge with their name on it isn’t a great start or experience. An instant visitor background check solution, like FedCheck, can solve all of these problems while also keeping your company safe.

What is FedCheck?

FedCheck is the cloud-based, visitor background check solution that is designed to modernize your workplace security. It’s the first solution of its kind that is 100% mobile, data driven, and instantly delivers an entire digital, criminal footprint on all your visitors.

Its Know Your Visitor (KYV) technology fills the above-mentioned gap by ensuring the data you receive in real-time is accurate and up to date every time a visitor is scanned by your security team. By scanning an ID, this technology analyzes millions of data points from thousands of databases.

This security tool performs a slew of tasks including the following features:

  • Identify all visitors that are not W2 employees.
  • Instantly (we’re talking milliseconds) identify who they are by scanning an ID or passport.
  • Pull from records like criminal convictions, violent backgrounds, sex offenders, theft charges, and more.
  • Easy-to-read alerts, signally if they are allowed to enter or not.
  • Analytics dashboard including complete scanning history.
  • Voiceless alerts to security and leadership teams.

What is the benefit of instant visitor background checks?

Updating your security desk with FedCheck technology gives the perceptions of a high-tech and industry leading company from the moment your visitors enter your doors. Within seconds, your team sees the who, what, where, and when of an individual’s data and assesses their suitability and potential risk of illegal intentions towards your company—or the people within—during their visit.

Best of all, your team will be able to access this technology from anywhere in your organization. Being cloud-based, FedCheck makes it easier than ever for your organization to enforce strong visitor regulations in-house. Access it from any mobile device, allowing you to conduct security screenings at as many locations across your property as needed. If an alert is detected at any time, your designated personnel within the organization will be notified instantly and voicelessly on their personal device. So you and your visitors aren’t left uncomfortable if there is an issue. From the reception desk in your lobby to the executive level of your building, you can approve or deny all visitors with just one touch. Providing a seamless experience for your visitors and an efficient security process for your organization.

Modernizing your security desk and check-in points frees up valuable time for your team, is secure, and is fast and efficient—an important part of any modern workplace. See what your high-tech organization could look like and demo FedCheck.