Instantaneous Background Checks Assist HR Workers

instant background check
instant background check

When hiring someone for a job, many companies need someone quickly, but obtaining a background check can take time. It wastes several days waiting on it to come back, time your company can be using to train the new employee. It is also beneficial to the employee themselves, as many people can’t wait very long before getting a paycheck. Instant background checks from Ident Solutions can help.

Knowing if your potential employee is a sex offender, a criminal, or a thief is essential to keeping your business, employees, and customers safe. Hiring good quality people quickly will improve your reputation. Workers who feel safe will stay employed longer than those who don’t. Your new employees will love being able to start right away, and you’ll never lose a quality employee again because they had to wait too long to start. The instant background checks offered by Ident Solutions are your answer to finding out everything you need to know about someone entering your business.

Ident Solutions can help you see if your new employee or visitor is safe or a potential threat. Results are available in seconds and can be pulled up on any mobile device. It puts the power of information into your hands very quickly.

Fed Check is customizable, which means you get to choose what information the instant background check looks for. The information is then given to you in an easy-to-understand format. These instant background checks analyze data points from thousands of databases across the world. It scans the information and minimizes it down to an easy-to-read memo.

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