Is Facial Recognition Technology the best way to protect your facility?

Is Facial Recognition Technology the best way to protect your facility?

First, what is facial recognition technology?

Facial recognition technology uses computer algorithms and high-resolution cameras to identify those individuals designated by a company or facility as dangerous to or unwanted in their facilities. Facial recognition is an emerging technology, endorsed by many companies as the newest high-tech solution to screening visitors and vendors entering a facility. While facial recognition technology is making advances in accuracy, there are still many limitations that prevent it from being the best solution to protecting your facility from unwanted intruders.

Isn’t a face the most recognizable part about a person though?

To a human brain yes but writing a computer algorithm powerful enough to mimic the human brain’s ability to identify is extremely challenging. As the world population approaches eight billion people, there are bound to be several, if not many, look-alikes for each individual. While no two people will ever be exactly the same, coding an algorithm to be able to discern the minute differences between those doppelgangers is nearly impossible. Facial recognition technology is making advances but is still in its infancy. It cannot identify threats autonomously. It can be helpful in searching through thousands of faces, but it will only identify those you designate. It won’t identify those individuals who your organization is not aware of but could be dangerous to your facility.

A full background check is able to identify much more about each person entering your facility, whether or not they’ve previously been designated as dangerous. FedCheck uses Know Your Visitor (KYV) technology which analyzes millions of data points from thousands of databases. This vast amount of data is utilized in every scan conducted with FedCheck technology, granting you the knowledge of exactly who is entering your facility.

Additionally, while facial recognition technology might seem like the latest high-tech solution to safeguarding your facility, it can often be seen as scary and uninviting or even an intrusion to your visitors and vendors. Although protecting your facility must take precedence, it is important to still make your facility inviting to those you desire to do with business with. FedCheck performs background checks by just scanning their driver’s license. Driver’s licenses are used for many activities in daily life and therefore, will not be seen as an intrusion. The scan takes just a second and the background check is even faster, instantly providing you with the information you need while putting your visitors and vendors at ease.

Facial recognition technology must have privacy laws surrounding it, right?

Since facial recognition technology is still relatively new, there are no specific federal laws governing its use. As a result, several states have passed their own laws regarding the use of facial recognition technology and the data captured from its use. Accordingly, each state’s version of the law is different, varying widely from very little protection, (allowing companies to capture and use this data without consent) to heavy protection, (requiring companies to post information about the technology and requiring written consent) to even outright banning of the technology in some areas. These laws are also changing quite frequently. For example, Washington State just passed a law on March 12, 2020 regarding the use of facial recognition technology and its data use. This huge variety of shifting interpretations for facial recognition privacy laws would make implementing such a security system difficult in any facility, but especially in companies that have facilities in several states. As privacy becomes a bigger issue in the coming years, this shifting will only intensify. FedCheck has already been approved as SAFETY Act anti-terror technology by the DHS and its data use has been approved by the DOJ letter. This makes it easier to implement FedCheck technology into your security lineup without having the runaround of the varied facial recognition laws across states.

How much does facial recognition technology cost to implement into a security system?

Facial recognition technology represents a considerable amount of additional cost to your company. In order to implement it into your security lineup you’ll need to purchase high resolution cameras. These high-resolution cameras are necessary in order to achieve a clear enough picture of the people entering your facility for the most accurate facial analysis. In addition to the top-of-the-line cameras you’ll need, the actual software still needs to be purchased…and human oversight is still needed. These expenses will add up and will make a pricey addition to your security lineup.

However, FedCheck doesn’t require expensive, top-of-the-line cameras. All you need is the FedCheck Mobile App and your security team. Considering everything needing to be purchased to implement facial recognition technology into your security lineup, FedCheck is a great deal less expensive. It is a solution that’s designed to be easily integrated with your security team and affordable to your company.

So facial recognition technology is expensive and not entirely accurate or independent, how can FedCheck possibly solve all of those problems?

FedCheck is a completely automated system that performs instant screenings on your visitors and vendors according to your specifications. It uses millions of datapoints from thousands of databases, while only requiring a single point-and-shoot scan from your security team member. Our app is the only thing required in order to add FedCheck to your security lineup. No fancy cameras or extra security needed.

Sound too good to be true? Think again.

Demonstrate your commitment to safety, your facility, and the people inside by implementing FedCheck. Learn more and start your free trial of FedCheck.