Keep Schools Safe with Ident Solutions

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Of all the problems we face in our world today, school security is one of the highest priorities. Educators and campus teams face challenges greater than ever before, and unfortunately, there have been very few viable solutions – until now. Ident Solutions offers an instant background check system that is changing the game.

School Security Challenges

Over the last few years, schools have seen an alarming increase in violent attacks, sexual predators, drug use, and other concerning compromises to the children’s safety. Campuses have implemented lockdown procedures and installed security systems to help keep control, but these safeguards can only protect what they can see on the surface. A greater level of protection has been desperately needed.

The Ident Solutions Difference

The Ident Solutions FedCheck software system is a truly innovative and all-inclusive solution to the school security problem. FedCheck allows every visitor to be checked in and immediately tested against multiple international databases for any red flags that could indicate a problem. Criminals, sexual offenders, banned individuals, and the like will be immediately tagged during an instant background check, providing the school staff a digital report of every important detail they need to know before allowing them to access the campus.

Instant Background Check

One of the most powerful features of the FedCheck software is the instant background check. Enter an individual’s identity, and in less than a second, an entire digital report of criminal history is returned. No long delays or partial information returned, just all the facts at the time they are needed most.

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The FedCheck software system for schools is available for all sizes and types of schools, from Pre-K to institutes of the highest education. Contact us today and see how Ident Solutions can help you keep your campus safe and the children well protected.