Know Who You’re Doing Business With

In a world filled with online security challenges, malware, viruses, and multiple other digital threats, it’s easy to overlook physical security. Unfortunately, the rise in cybercrime doesn’t lessen the need for traditional frontline security. Every person who walks through that door, whether a staff member, employee, contractor, or vendor, is capable of compromised activity once they gain access to your enterprise. The Ident Solutions instant background check software is a powerful tool to help eliminate this threat.

Business Security

There are many ways a business can be compromised. Theft can occur on many levels. Cash and tangible assets on hand, expensive machinery, computer systems, tools, and other items can be an easy target for a thief. Plus, business secrets, customer lists, passwords, accounting records, and other crucial data can be harvested and used against your company or to steal customers. It’s important that you know who is in your camp, and what they are capable of doing.

Business Integrity

The days of firming up a deal with a handshake are long gone. Just because a smiling face is looking you in the eye doesn’t mean they don’t also have their sights on your assets. A tight contract can give you legal precedent in the event of a deal gone sour, but all too often that comes after you’ve been ripped off.

The Ident Solutions Difference

The FedCheck software from Ident Solutions gives you the power to screen every person you encounter in your business. Simply scan their driver’s license, and instantly see a report of their pertinent history.

The Instant Background Check

The most powerful feature of the FedCheck software is the instant background check. FedCheck pulls information from multiple databases to provide quick, complete information. You can know who you are doing business with immediately.

More Information

Contact us today for more information. Rest easy knowing your business is protected and every individual assessed.