Leveraging today’s technologies to meet your compliance needs

Leveraging today’s technologies to meet your compliance needs – The power of FedCheck and Traction Guest coming together

Industries around the globe understand the importance of safety and security at their facilities to keep people safe and companies resilient. But how is compliance relevant to these steps, and how can technologies be used to establish compliance?

Ident Solutions and Traction Guest discuss the various aspects of compliance, including how together they can help you address your compliance goals and why it is significant for companies to place a high importance on meeting compliance standards.

  • During this webinar, we’ll cover topics such as:
  • What compliance means to security and safety professionals
  • Why compliance should be prioritized
  • One company’s success of improved compliance with the use of a visitor management system.


Michael Flores

Director, Global Trade Compliance at StandardAero

Brian Phillips

Director, Security Strategy at Traction Guest

Jake Stewart

VP, Strategic Partnerships at Ident Solutions