Key Benefits

FedCheck allows you to increase public safety, without increasing your resources.

Empower security teams at your CIFs to provide better security, reducing the strain on your agency and resources.

By screening all visitors to CIFs, individuals who pose a potential threat to that facility are never granted access to the facility, its assets, or its personnel.

When we say that you are our partner, we mean it. There is no charge for participating Law Enforcement Partners.

Demonstrate to the citizens you protect that you are always looking for new tools and technologies to better protect them.

Locate and apprehend dangerous individuals, or flag persons-of-interest and be notified if they are scanned at any of your CIFs.

  • Sign up to become a Partner
  • Request a CIF-ORI from your State
  • Set notification preferences for your agency
  • Evaluate potential CIFs in your jurisdiction with Ident
  • Approve disqualifying Sirens and procedures for each CIF
  • Set notification preferences for each CIF
  • Only notified if there is a hit at one of your facilities
  • Decide if/when a response is needed from your agency
  • Built-in analytics to see effectiveness & investigations

Become a Partner

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Is this legal?

Yes, this is a new process approved by the FBI in response to Presidential Policy Directive 21 calling for increased security for our nation’s Critical Infrastructure Facilites. (link to PPD-21)

What hardware does FedCheck Support?

Because FedCheck is Software-as-a-Service, you can log in to the Web Portal using any device with a browser and an internet connection. FedCheck is also available as a native app with Android and iOS devices.

How do I know if I have Critical Infrastructure Facilities in my jurisdiction?

View the Department of Homeland Security’s list of 16 Sectors of Critical Infrastructure Facilities to see (link to 16 sectors)

Who decides which Critical Infrastructure Facilities in my jurisdiction are authorized to use FedCheck?

You determine whether or not each facility in your jurisdiction qualifies for this or not.

Who is notified of any potential hits at my agency and how are they notified?

You can determine who you want to be notified for hits, and how you’d like to receive the notification (NCIC Administrative Message, Text, Email, Push Notifications). You can set this up for all hits, or for each CIF.

Will this increase my workload?

No. In all actuality, this should decrease your workload. With FedCheck, you empower the security teams at each CIF to provide better security for themselves, thus reducing the strain on your resources.

What is a CIF-ORI?

A CIF-ORI is an ORI specifically designated for use with FedCheck. It is separate from your current ORI, and all CIF visitor screenings are run through this CIF-ORI, not your regular ORI.

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