FedCheck Terms & Conditions

Date of Last Revision: October 26, 2021

The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) are part of the FedCheck License and Services Agreement that references or is accompanied by these Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”). By executing an order form that references this agreement, clicking an “accept” or similar button, or otherwise using FedCheck Services that are offered subject to these Terms and Conditions, you are accepting and agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.


In these Terms and Conditions, the words “Ident,” “we,” and “us” refer to Ident Solutions, LLC. The words “Customer” and “you” refer to the customer of our products or services, whether a corporation, government agency, or other affiliates. You may not use FedCheck Services unless you accept these Terms and Conditions and have the power and legal right to form a contract with us. Any individual subscribing to our services in the name of a company or other organization represents and warrants that he or she is authorized and intends by those actions to bind the company or other organization to these Terms and Conditions, and any individual having access to our software or services under Customer’s account may access and use them only in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.


The following terms and any others defined in these Terms and Conditions will be interpreted according to the definitions given.

2.1 “Authorized Facilities”

Defined as your facility or facilities (which may include equipment, computer networks, or other access-controlled resources as well as physical premises) for which you are procuring FedCheck Services, as identified in the Order Form.

2.2 “Authorized User”

Defined as an individual employee or agent of yours who has been assigned unique credentials to access and use FedCheck Services.

2.3 “Database-Specific Terms”

Defined as any usage limitations and other terms and conditions that are referenced in the Agreement, or that you may otherwise accept (such as a Facility Agreement or data access agreement executed by you, Ident, and a law enforcement agency or database provider), in relation to your use of FedCheck Services to query or obtain information from any particular data source or collection or type of data sources.

2.4 “FedCheck Services”

Defined as Ident’s online database-querying services designed for use in screening individuals for facility access, or for use more specifically identified in the Order Form or described in our relevant published documentation, and where applicable, any associated cloud solution, downloadable software, and APIs that Ident makes available for use by your Authorized Users.

2.5 “Order Form”

Defined as Ident’s order form, as submitted by Customer and accepted by Ident, that specifies the licenses and services being purchased by Customer, and that references these Terms and Conditions or is otherwise made a part of the Agreement.

2.6 “Partner Service Providers”

Defined as any cloud solution or downloadable software provided by approved third party vendors who have partnered with Ident to provide FedCheck Services as an integration into their solutions for use in screening individuals for facility access, or for use more specifically identified in the Order Form or described in our relevant published documentation.

2.7 “FedCheck Siren Data”

Defined as the criminal activity data delivered by FedCheck Services, which are compiled from various sources, including, but not limited to, public records, other information repositories, commercial data brokers and third-party information providers. Accordingly, Ident Solutions can in no way warrant or guarantee the absolute accuracy of the FedCheck Siren Data or that it will be error-free or uninterrupted.


3.1 Service Subscription

Subject to your compliance with these Terms and Conditions and any Database-Specific Terms, Ident will provide your Authorized Users with access to and use of FedCheck Services during your paid-up subscription period (as described below) and within any service usage limits indicated in the Order Form, solely for the purpose of screening individuals for access to the Authorized Facilities in accordance with Ident’s relevant end-user documentation and the Database-Specific Terms. FedCheck Services may be accessed by your Authorized Users only through software provided by either Ident or Partner Service Providers, as defined and as indicated in the Order Form.

3.2 Software License

Subject to your compliance with these Terms and Conditions and any Database-Specific Terms, Ident grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, paid-up (for the fees specified in the Order Form), royalty-free license to access FedCheck Services during your paid-up subscription period, limited to the devices, locations and other restrictions contained in the Order Form, solely in connection with your use of FedCheck Services as authorized by your Service Subscription.

3.3 User Registration and Acknowledgement

You agree that we may require, as a condition of any Authorized User’s use of FedCheck Services, that such Authorized User create an individual profile under your account and acknowledge their awareness of, and agreement to abide by, these Terms and Conditions and our standard privacy policy, a current version of which is posted at https://ident.solutions/privacy-policy. This section does not limit any of your responsibilities under these Terms and Conditions, including those pertaining to your Authorized Users.

3.4 Usage Limitations

You agree not to use FedCheck Services for any credit-verification or credit-reporting purposes, or in connection with any hiring or other employment-related actions (other than screening for access to the Authorized Facilities), or to screen individuals or otherwise discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability or on any other unlawful or improper basis.

You acknowledge and agree that FedCheck Siren Data is only an indicator of possible public records which may be of interest to you. FedCheck Siren Data may point to one or more items of public record, but does not identify a specific individual. FedCheck Siren Data may contain names and other identifying information as abstracted from the public record. As only fingerprints can positively identify a unique individual, FedCheck Siren Data does not at any time constitute a communication about a specific individual person.

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, you and your Authorized Users’ rights to access and use FedCheck Services are subject to the relevant Database-Specific Terms and any limitations and restrictions indicated in the Order Form. To the extent of any conflict or inconsistency between or among any of these documents, the more restrictive terms will govern.

3.5 General Restrictions

You may not: (i) copy, reproduce, modify, decompile, disassemble, or reverse engineer FedCheck Services or any associated software or materials (except to the extent that applicable law prohibits or restricts reverse engineering restrictions); (ii) provide any third parties with access, subscription sharing, or similar purposes for the benefit of any third party, excluding Partner Service Providers as subject to conditions indicated in the Order Form; (iii) remove any copyright or proprietary notices contained in FedCheck Services or any output thereof; (iv) breach, disable, tamper with, or develop or use (or attempt) any workaround for, any security measure provided or used by FedCheck Services; (v) access FedCheck Services via any bot, web crawler or non-human user, or to perform any data scraping, data mining, caching, or similar function; (vi) introduce or transmit any virus or other malicious code to or through FedCheck Services; or (vii) access or use (or permit a third party to access or use) FedCheck Services for any unlawful purpose, or for purposes of monitoring the availability, performance or functionality of FedCheck Services or for any other benchmarking or competitive purposes.

3.6 Availability

We will use reasonable efforts to make FedCheck Services available on a 24/7/365 basis, subject to periodic downtime for scheduled maintenance during non-peak hours; however, the parties recognize that Internet connectivity issues, unavailability of third-party databases and systems, or other factors outside of our reasonable control may limit or restrict this availability from time to time. We will use reasonable efforts to restore service in the event of unplanned unavailability within our control, and to provide you with advance notice of any scheduled unavailability.

3.7 Maintenance and Support

If the Order Form or Ident’s relevant documentation states that you will receive maintenance and/or technical support in connection with FedCheck Services, then (unless otherwise set forth in the Order Form or such Ident documentation): (i) maintenance will consist of access to new features or performance improvements in FedCheck Services if and when Ident makes any such features or improvements generally available to its subscriber base at no additional charge, and (ii) technical support will consist of first-level telephone or email assistance in accordance with Ident’s standard practices and procedures.


4.1 Generally

You retain full responsibility for you and your Authorized Users’ use of FedCheck Services, including how you or they use any information obtained through FedCheck Services, and for any decisions and actions that you or they make or undertake in reliance on FedCheck Services or such information. For clarity, the preceding sentence does not diminish any usage restrictions or limitations set forth in the Agreement. FedCheck Services rely on various sources of data that are compiled or controlled by third parties, and neither we nor they will be liable to you or any other person for any inaccuracy, omission, or other defect in that data or any output based on that data. Furthermore, FedCheck Services provide only indications of possible records that may be of interest to you in connection with screening individuals for access to your Authorized Facility, and you must perform additional steps and exercise your own business judgment to determine how you may and will use such information.

4.2 Compliance

You are solely responsible for ensuring that you and your Authorized Users are aware of and comply with these Terms and Conditions, any Database-Specific Terms, and all laws and regulations that pertain to your use of FedCheck Services or the information made available through FedCheck Services. You represent and warrant that you are knowledgeable as to all federal, state, and local laws and regulations pertaining to your business, operations or intended use of FedCheck Services. We encourage you to consult with legal counsel before using FedCheck Services.

4.3 Additional Responsibilities

Without limiting the foregoing, you are solely responsible for: (i) obtaining appropriate permissions, waivers, and the like from individuals you screen, which must be at least as protective of our and your interests as any template or sample waiver that we may furnish from time to time (in our reasonable discretion and upon reasonable notice to you), it being understood that our templates and samples are not guaranteed to provide sufficient protection or meet all applicable legal requirements, nor do they diminish your ultimate responsibility for these matters, (ii) assigning and revoking all Authorized User and administrator privileges under your account (provided, however, that we may suspend or terminate any individual’s access to FedCheck Services as we deem appropriate to prevent or curtail unauthorized or improper use), (iii) maintaining the confidentiality of any user IDs, passwords and other credentials associated with your account, (iv) all activities that occur with respect to your account, and (v) any Customer-furnished data.


5.1 Fees

In consideration for our providing the license and services under the Agreement, you agree to pay us the corresponding fees set forth in the Order Form.

5.2 Renewal Fees

For each subscription Renewal, recurring fees will be billed and paid at the rates specified in the Order Form or, if applicable, such other rates as we may establish with notice to you at least 30 days before the Renewal.

5.3 Excess Usage Fees

Our service plans may include usage limits as indicated in the Order Form or our applicable published documentation. If usage under your account exceeds the applicable limits, we may upgrade you to a higher service plan as needed to cover the additional usage and charge you for the difference in service plan fees at our then-current published rates.

5.4 Billing and Payment

We will bill you in advance at the beginning of the subscription period and each Renewal (and, in the case of excess usage fees, upon upgrading you to a higher service plan). If the Order Form specifies payment by credit card or another method that we can initiate, you authorize us to initiate such payment at that time, and in any case, any invoice not paid within thirty (30) days of the invoice date will be overdue. Overdue amounts will accrue interest at the rate of 1.5% per month, but in no event greater than the highest rate of interest allowed by law.

5.5 Taxes

The fees specified in the Agreement are exclusive of taxes, duties, levies, tariffs, and other governmental charges (including, without limitation, VAT) (collectively, “Taxes”). You will be responsible for payment of all Taxes and any related interest and/or penalties resulting from any payments made hereunder, other than our U.S. federal and state income taxes. Such Taxes will be itemized in the applicable invoice.


6.1 Duration and Renewal

Your subscription for FedCheck Services will remain in effect throughout the initial subscription term specified in the Order Form (unless terminated as set forth below), and will automatically renew for successive periods of the same duration or (if applicable) such other duration as may be specified in the Order Form (each, a “Renewal”)…”] unless either party gives the other party written notice of non-renewal at least thirty (30) days in advance. The Agreement will expire at the end of your subscription as described above.

6.2 Termination

A party may terminate the Agreement for a material breach by the other party that remains uncured more than 30 days after receiving written notice of the breach. In addition, Ident may terminate the Agreement 5 business days following Customer’s receipt of written notice that it is late in paying fees due. We may also terminate upon 30 days’ notice if we become unable to provide FedCheck Services due to unavailability of third-party databases or other causes outside our reasonable control, or if we discontinue FedCheck Services generally; if that occurs, we will provide you with a prorated refund of prepaid fees for the period affected by our termination.

6.3 Effect of Expiration or Termination

Upon expiration or termination of the Agreement for any reason, all outstanding fees will immediately become due and payable, your subscription for FedCheck Services will automatically terminate, and you will immediately cease using the same. If requested in writing within 15 days after expiration or termination, we will provide you with an exported copy of the log data then stored under your account. The following provisions will survive expiration or termination of the Agreement: Sections 4, 3.5, 5 (to the extent of any outstanding payment obligations), 6.3, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12.


7.1 Ident IP

As between Ident and Customer, Ident is and will remain the sole owner of FedCheck Services, all software and technologies embodied in or used to provide FedCheck Services, and all intellectual property rights therein or relating thereto. We reserve all rights in the foregoing other than the limited, non-exclusive license and access rights that we expressly grant to you in these Terms and Conditions. If you provide any suggestions or other feedback in relation to our products and services, we will be free to use (or not use) the same without restriction and without any compensation or other obligations to you.

7.2 Your Data

Subject to any underlying rights of individuals from whom you gather information, and of any third-party service providers, licensors, and other entities whose data or databases are queried or used in connection with FedCheck Services, you will have and retain sole ownership and control of: (i) all data that you submit to or through FedCheck Services, and (ii) all query logs and other output of FedCheck Services (collectively, “Your Data”). The parties acknowledge and agree that we will transmit, store, and otherwise process Your Data only as a data processor, and not as a data controller.

7.3 Providers’ Data

Our third-party service providers, licensors, and other entities whose data or databases are queried or used in connection with FedCheck Services retain any rights they may have with respect to such data and databases, as applicable. To the extent, if any, that we transmit, store, or otherwise process any such data, we do so only as a data processor for such third parties, and not as a data controller.

7.4. Our Security Measures

We will employ reasonable and appropriate (and all legally mandated) environmental, safety and facility procedures, data security and backup procedures, and other safeguards to protect against the unauthorized access, use, destruction, corruption, loss or alteration of Your Data as stored or otherwise processed by FedCheck Services. Ident’s data security measures are outlined in more detail in our Data Security Whitepaper, a current version of which is posted at https://ident.solutions/data-security-whitepaper, as the same may be updated from time to time (our “Data Security Whitepaper”). Updates to our Data Security Whitepaper will be furnished to you upon request. We will promptly notify you of any actual or suspected breach of Ident’s security that compromises or is anticipated to compromise Your Data, and we will indemnify you against any third-party claims by the subjects of Your Data to the extent those claims arise from any such security breach that is caused by our negligent or intentional failure to meet the standards or requirements specified in our Data Security Whitepaper.

7.5 Your Security Measures

You agree to limit access to FedCheck Services to only those Authorized Users who have a need to know the output of the same as a part of their official. You must immediately deactivate (or notify us to deactivate) the access credentials of any of Authorized User who has been terminated or who no longer has a need to know. You shall ensure that your Authorized Users keep their access credentials secure and that individual credentials are assigned to and known by no more than one Authorized User. You shall take reasonable and appropriate (and all legally mandated) measures to prevent unauthorized physical or electronic access to FedCheck Services by any unauthorized persons, and to prevent any unlawful access to or use of Your Data. Such measures will include appropriate data destruction policies where applicable. Without limiting the foregoing or any applicable Database-Specific Terms, if you are using a version of FedCheck Services that enable queries of the FBI’s National Crime Information Center, you must comply with all relevant provisions of the most current version of the Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Security Policy located at https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/cjis-security-policy-resource-center, as may be updated or amended from time to time.

7.6 Verification

Upon our request, you agree to provide us with: (i) documentation establishing and/or confirming that you are a legitimate business entity in good standing, and that you have a lawful and appropriate purpose for use of FedCheck Services; and (ii) access to your pertinent records, equipment, and facilities (subject to reasonable security policies and confidentiality restrictions), including the devices on which FedCheck Services are accessed, as reasonably necessary for us to verify that your use of FedCheck Services is within the scope of rights granted in these Terms and Conditions and otherwise in compliance with the requirements of the Agreement. This provision will expire one year after expiration or termination of the Agreement.


8.1 Obligations

“Confidential Information” means (subject to the exclusions below) any non-public information relating to or disclosed by one party to the other in connection with the Agreement or our services that should be reasonably understood to be confidential (including our pricing). The receiving party will use the same care to protect Confidential Information as it uses for its own similar information, but no less than reasonable care, will not disclose Confidential Information to any third party without prior written authorization, and will use Confidential Information only for the purpose of fulfilling its obligations or exercising its rights expressly reserved or granted under these Terms and Conditions. The receiving party will promptly return or destroy the other party’s Confidential Information upon request.

8.2 Exclusions

Confidential Information does not include information that: (i) is or becomes publicly available through no fault of the receiving party; (ii) was already in possession of the receiving party without confidentiality restrictions at the time of receipt from the other party, as evidenced by written records; or (iii) was independently developed by the receiving party without violation of this Section. If a receiving party is required to disclose Confidential Information by law, the receiving party will promptly notify the disclosing party and reasonably cooperate with its efforts to limit or protect the required disclosure but will otherwise not be in violation of this Section on account of making the required disclosure.




10.1 By Ident

We will defend and indemnify you against any claims, demands, suits or proceedings made or brought by a third party (“Claims”) against you to the extent based upon an allegation that FedCheck Services, as furnished by Ident hereunder and used by Customer within the scope of these Terms and Conditions, infringe any copyright or any U.S. patent or trademark rights of any third party. THE FOREGOING STATES THE ENTIRE OBLIGATION OF IDENT WITH RESPECT TO ANY ALLEGED OR ACTUAL INFRINGEMENT OR MISAPPROPRIATION OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS BY FEDCHECK SERVICES. Ident will have no liability under this Section 1 to the extent that any Claims are based on any combination of FedCheck Services with products, services, methods, content or other elements not furnished by Ident, or any use of FedCheck Services in a manner that violates these Terms and Conditions, any Database-Specific Terms, or our applicable documentation.

10.2 Mitigation Measures

In the event of any Claim or potential Claim covered by Section 1, Ident may, in its discretion, seek to mitigate the impact of such Claim by modifying FedCheck Services to avoid the infringement, and/or by suspending or terminating your access to FedCheck Services upon reasonable notice (provided, in the case of such suspension or termination, that we will refund a portion of any fees that you have prepaid for the then-current subscription period, based on the portion of that subscription period that is affected by our suspension or termination).

10.3 By Customer

You will defend and indemnify us against any Claims arising from or related to (i) your violation of these Terms and Conditions or the Database-Specific Terms, or (ii) any decisions, acts, or omissions that you or your Authorized Users make or undertake in connection with your screening of individuals for access to the Authorized Facilities or other use of FedCheck Services, including but not limited to any Claims asserting that individuals were improperly denied or allowed access to the Authorized Facilities, and any Claims that your collection or disclosure of any individuals’ personal information, or our processing of their information through FedCheck Services on your behalf, violates their privacy or other rights.

10.4 Procedures

Each party’s indemnity obligations are subject to the following: (i) the aggrieved party will promptly notify the indemnifier in writing of the applicable Claim; (ii) the indemnifier will have sole control of the defense and all related settlement negotiations with respect to the Claim (provided that the indemnifier may not settle any Claim in a manner that would impair any of the aggrieved party’s rights or interests without prior written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld); and (iii) the aggrieved party will, at the indemnifier’s expense, provide all cooperation, information and assistance reasonably requested by the indemnifier for the defense of such Claim.


11.1 Wavier of Certain Damages


11.2 Liability Cap


11.3 Basis of Bargain

The foregoing exclusions of damages and limitations of liability, and the allocation of risk they represent, are an essential, bargained-for part of the Agreement, and will apply to the fullest extent permitted by law, even if any limited remedy fails of its essential purpose.


12.1 Publicity

Ident may identify Customer, by name and (upon your approval) by logo, as a customer of FedCheck Services on Ident’s website and other marketing materials. Otherwise, neither party will issue any press release or other public communications regarding the parties’ relationship under this Agreement without the other party’s prior written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

12.2 Assignment

You may not assign the Agreement, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent, which will not be unreasonably withheld. Any attempt by you to assign the Agreement without such consent will be null and of no effect. We may assign the Agreement to any of our affiliates or to any successor or acquirer of our business or of our rights or assets associated with FedCheck Services. Subject to the foregoing, the Agreement will bind and inure to the benefit of each party’s successors and permitted assigns.

12.3 Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for any delay or failure in performance (other than non-payment of amounts owing) due to causes beyond its reasonable control.

12.4 Export Compliance

Customer agrees to comply fully with all relevant export laws and regulations of the United States and other applicable jurisdictions to ensure that neither FedCheck Services, nor any direct product thereof, are: (i) exported or re-exported directly or indirectly in violation of such export laws and regulations; or (ii) used for any purposes prohibited by the such export laws and regulations.

12.5 Government Rights

If Customer is the U.S. government or any agency or other division thereof, Ident’s software and services are furnished under the Agreement as a “commercial item,” and more specifically as “commercial computer software” and “commercial computer software documentation” (as applicable), as those terms are defined and used in the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (48 C.F.R. § 2.101) and other applicable regulations, and the government’s rights with respect to such software and services (and to any associated technical data or other materials) are limited to those rights expressly granted in these Terms and Conditions.

12.6 Severability

If any part of the Agreement is held to be unenforceable or invalid, in whole or in part, by a court of competent jurisdiction, its remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect, and the provision affected will be construed so as to be enforceable to the maximum extent permissible by law.

12.7 Waiver

The waiver of a breach of any provision of the Agreement will not operate or be interpreted as a waiver of any other or subsequent breach of that or any other provision.

12.8 Notices

All notices permitted or required under the Agreement shall be in writing, will reference the Agreement, and shall be delivered in person, by overnight courier or express delivery service, or by first class, registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, or by confirmed email delivery, to the address of the party specified on the Order Form or such other address as either party may specify by notice as described above. Notices will be deemed to have been given upon receipt.

12.9 Governing Law

The Agreement will be governed by both the substantive and procedural laws of Utah, excluding its conflict of law rules and the United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods. Any legal action or proceeding arising under the Agreement will be brought exclusively in the federal or state courts located in the state of Utah, and the parties irrevocably consent to the personal jurisdiction and venue therein.

12.10 Revisions to Terms and Conditions

We may change these Terms and Conditions and our policies from time to time. We may inform you of any such changes by posting the revised version to our website at the same URL as the original version. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, any such changes will take effect for your subscription upon the next Renewal if we have posted or otherwise informed you of the revision prior to the deadline for giving non-renewal notice.

12.11 Entire Agreement

Except as provided in Section 10, any amendment or modification to the Agreement must be in writing signed by both parties. The Agreement constitutes the entire agreement and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous oral or written agreements regarding the subject matter hereof.

Date of Last Revision: October 26, 2021