What is FedCheck?

Sometimes it seems like our world has gone crazy. Crime is up, drugs are rampant, terrorism is all around us, relationships are difficult, and worst of all, we never know who to believe. It becomes even more difficult if you run a business, school, or other organization. It’s getting to the point you can’t trust anyone you let in the door. Fortunately, Ident Solutions is here with an instant background check cure for those problems.

The Ident Solutions Answer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could instantly learn the history and background of every person you encounter? To find out what kind of track record they may have, and whether they can be trusted in your business or facility? Now, with the FedCheck software from Ident Solutions, you can.

How Does FedCheck Work?

FedCheck is a powerful software solution for screening individuals. If you run a business, a school, or some other organization, you understand the importance of knowing the intent of anyone you allow in the door. Not every smiling face is your friend, and without extensive research, you can’t always judge who is legitimate. FedCheck fills in those blanks. By tapping into multiple information databases, a complete report is created on the individual including criminal convictions, sexual offenses, violent activities, and terrorist watchlists.

The Power of Instant Background Check

FedCheck is not only complete, it is quick. Simply scan a driver’s license and in less than a second, the entire report is at your fingertips. Learn every pertinent bit of information about them before you decide to let them in. That’s security.

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Instant background check capability can empower you to implement the greatest control over your enterprise that has ever been available. Contact us for more information.