What is SAFETY Act?

What is SAFETY Act?

The SAFETY Act came into affect in 2002, after the 9/11 attacks. The American government was faced with deciding how to protect their country against similar attacks in the future. They knew they needed to increase the creation of anti-terror technology. Secure places like airports had the TSA, high level equipment, and trained agents to screen baggage and passengers. However, the question arose, what about privately-owned organizations or our nation’s critical infrastructures?


As part of this effort to continue to protect the U.S., congress and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) worked to enact the Support Anti-Terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies Act, otherwise known as the SAFETY Act.

This DHS designation incentivizes private sector investments in protecting the nation’s critical infrastructures and its citizens. This is accomplished by providing liability risk mitigation and litigation tools for claims stemming from an act of terrorism where a SAFETY Act-covered technology is used. The goal of this act is to encourage the innovation, development, and use of these effective anti-terrorism products and services by providing liability protections.

The SAFETY Act represented a win-win solution. The government won by incentivizing private-sector companies to innovate with the best security technologies. It also incentivizes organizations to implement and use anti-terror technology to protect their business and people. They also get the added benefit of being protected from the liabilities surrounding terrorist attacks.


These SAFETY Act technologies, also known as qualified anti-terrorism technologies, take many forms. For example, everything from secure networking capabilities for Boeing to a Leidos, Inc. innovation that uses gamma-ray and neutron detection modules to passively monitor vehicles, containers, and railcars for the presence of radioactive materials.

Another example is FedCheck. Ident Solution’s latest product is proud to be recognized by the DHS as a SAFETY Act designated anti-terrorism tool. This mobile app is the first You’re your Visitor Technology (KYV) that provides an instant background check on any vendor, contractor, or visitor before they gain access to an organization. This instant ability to perform instant screenings on any individual coming into your facility is truly the future of security technology. By having an instant digital criminal footprint and anyone you ensure you have the information you need to keep your facilities and people safe.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen an increase in catastrophic events and terrorists’ attacks in the past decade. However, by utilizing a SAFETY Act designated tool, organizations everywhere can ensure they are putting prevention and protection at the forefront of their businesses.

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