Who is Ident Solutions?

instant background check
instant background check

In the chaotic world that we live in, security has become a high priority. Safety for workers, students, and the general public is at risk. Society is riddled with crime, violence, and sexual offenders. Sorting out who to trust and who to allow within our circles has been nearly impossible, until now. Ident Solutions has produced a software product called FedCheck, which provides an instant background check that can be run quickly at any time.

Business Security

Businesses today are under attack on all sides. Cybercrimes and viruses are rampant, but physical security is still an issue as well. Business operators must be very specific about who they allow in the door. An individual with sneaky, hidden intentions can steal physical items such as cash, equipment, or tools, while a data thief might go for essential passwords, customer data, or company records. Ident Solutions can help eliminate this risk.

School Security

Safety for students is a great concern for everyone. Safe places, screening machines, guards, and video monitors can help, but the only way to be certain about what can happen on campus is to know the intent of every person allowed to enter. FedCheck software is the perfect instant background check solution for screening each person before checking them into the school.

Instant Background Check

The power of the FedCheck software system is the instant background check. By entering the individual’s identity information, FedCheck accesses various databases and gathers all the information you need to determine their history and track record. Criminals, sexual predators, lawbreakers, potential terrorists, and more can be identified and tagged before they gain access to your facility.

More Information

The FedCheck system works on smartphones, tablets, computers, or other devices and requires no special hardware. Contact us today for more information.